Confidence Intervals by Bootstrap

by Sergej V. Aksenov
v1.12, last updated 29 April 2002

Mathematica package and notebook with examples that provides functions necessary to generate bootstrap resamples (parametric and nonparametric) and calculate BCa and extreme percentiles confidence intervals.

For more information on bootstrap see Weisstein, Eric W. "Bootstrap Methods." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

Download gzipped tar file bootstrap.tgz.

On many systems, web browsers can download, unzip, and untar these files automatically. On UNIX systems, after downloading the file bootstrap.tgz, the individual files within the zipped tar file can be unbundled by executing the commands tar -zxf bootstrap.tgz.

Alternatively, please follow links to pages from where individual files of the distributions can be downloaded.

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