C and Mathematica Programs for Calculation of Lerch's Transcendent

by Sergej V. Aksenov and Ulrich D. Jentschura
v1.0, last updated 1 May 2002

This is the implementation of the combined nonlinear-condensation transformation (CNCT) to calculation of Lerch's transcendent of real arguments.

For more details see Application of the combined nonlinear-condensation transformation to problems in statistical analysis and theoretical physics.
S.V. Aksenov, M.A. Savageau, U.D. Jentschura, J. Becher, G. Soff, P.J. Mohr.
Computer Physics Communications, 150, 1--20, 2003.

Source code for the high precision arithmetic library by David M. Bailey that is used by the C++ programs can be downloaded at http://www.nersc.gov/~dhbailey/mpdist/mpdist.html.

Download gzipped tar file lerchphi.tgz.

On many systems, web browsers can download, unzip, and untar these files automatically. On UNIX systems, after downloading the file lerchphi.tgz, the individual files within the zipped tar file can be unbundled by executing the commands tar -zxf lerchphi.tgz.

Alternatively, please follow links to pages from where individual files of the distributions can be downloaded.

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